Total Commander for Android

Total Commander for Android. Option to use fingerprint reader instead of master password. File lists: When making the lines higher or icon space wider, use that extra space for larger image and video thumbnails. Media player: Tap on elapsed time on the left to switch to remaining time and back. Show thumbnails for .heic files on Android 9 Pie. Copy, Move whole subdirs. Inplace rename, create dirs. Delete (no recycle bin). Zip and unzip, unrar Properties dialog, change attributes. Built-in text editor. Search function also for text. Select/unselect groups of files. Select by tapping on file icons. Select range with long tap on file icon. List of installed Apps built-in plugin. FTP client plugin. WebDAV (Web folders) (plugin). LAN access (plugin). WiFi direct file transfer (plugin). Cloud Storage: Dropbox, Google, Microsoft. Root support for the main functions. Media player with streaming support.

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